Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturdays in the office

Hey guys,

I've been working in an insurance office for about 8 months now. It's a lot of fun, I see a lot of people, and a lot of problems. I also get to help a lot of people with their problems. Overall I like the job very much. My three coworkers are all a little wackey and my boss is a bit strange sometimes, but what can you expect right? Office life is like that. Oh yeah! It's my first office job! I'm sure that as I learn my way around the office politics I'll have plenty of aumsing stories to tell.
I keep thinking Dilbert or Working days. I don't know that I'll be THAT funny, but we'll see.
My neighbors are cool, next door I have a Papa John's Pizza, and a Subway. I'm sure I'll get tired of these eventually, but for now, after 8 months, I still love pizza!

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